Moving Default Solution from Dynamics CRM 2016 On-Premise to Dynamics CRM 2016 online Failure

If your Solution failing to import in Online environment due to following issue



Unzip the Default Solution and edit the Solution.xml

Locate the following line and Remove it.

<RootComponent type=”61″ schemaName=”msdyn_LoadGuidedHelpISH.js” behavior=”0″ />

And find for the text “msdyn_LoadGuidedHelpISH.js” and Remove the following code.


<Required key=”3″ type=”61″ schemaName=”msdyn_LoadGuidedHelpISH.js” displayName=”msdyn_LoadGuidedHelpISH.js” solution=”GuidedHelp (” />

<Dependent key=”3″ type=”61″ schemaName=”msdyn_LoadGuidedHelpISH.js” displayName=”msdyn_LoadGuidedHelpISH.js” />



Zip all the files to Default Solution.


About Kishore Dhanekula

MS Dynamics CRM and .NET Architect
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