How to get Last Run of the Reports in Dynamics 365 On-Premise

Navigate to the CRM Organization Database – Right Click – Select “New Query”

Paste the following Query and replace the “ORG_MSCRM” with your Organization Database and “ReportServer_MSCRM” with your Report Server Database. Execute the Query.

with ReportNames as (

select, ‘{‘ + cast(rn.reportid as nvarchar(40)) + ‘}’ as reportid

from ORG_MSCRM..FilteredReport rn



rn.Name as ‘Report Name’,

count(*) as ‘Report Run Count’,

MIN(e.TimeStart) as ‘First Run Time’,

max(E.TimeEnd) as ‘Last Run Time’

FROM ReportServer_MSCRM.dbo.Catalog Ca with(nolock)

left outer join ReportNames rn on Ca.Name = rn.ReportID

LEFT OUTER JOIN ReportServer_MSCRM.dbo.ExecutionLog  E with(nolock) ON Ca.ItemID = E.ReportID

WHERE Ca.type=2

and rn.Name is not null

group by rn.Name

order by ‘Report Run Count’ desc

About Kishore Dhanekula

MS Dynamics CRM and .NET Architect
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