Plugin: Validate before Sending Email

To Validate the Email Message before sending email, then we can create the Plugin on “Send” Message.

For Email Send Plugin, We will not get the key “Target” in Input Parameters instead we will get the “EmailId” which is GUID of the email record. In order to get all the attributes of the email, you can register the Pre-Image.

if (context.InputParameters.Contains(“EmailId”) && context.InputParameters[“EmailId”] != null)


var emailId = (Guid)context.InputParameters[“EmailId”];

Entity entity = context.PreEntityImages.Contains(“preImage”) ? (Entity)context.PreEntityImages[“preImage”] : null;

if (entity.LogicalName != Xrm.Email.EntityLogicalName)


//Logic Here



About Kishore Dhanekula

MS Dynamics CRM and .NET Architect
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